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David Braddock

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David Braddock, Ph. D. is the Executive Director of the University’s Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities. He holds the Coleman-Turner Chair in Cognitive Disability in the Department of Psychiatry. David is nationally recognized for his contributions in the fields of cognitive disability research and policy. He has published more than 200 books, book chapters, articles and technical reports in the areas of demography and financing of services; 2) health promotion and disease prevention; and 3) public policy. David has received career research awards from The Arc of the United States (1987), the American Association on Mental Retardation (1998), and the University Scholar Award from the President of the University of Illinois (1998). He received The Arc of the United States' Franklin Smith Award for Distinguished National Service to the Field of Mental Retardation in 2000.

-Copied from http://rtc.umn.edu/staff/person.asp?personid=11

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