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Jack Pearpoint

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Jack Pearpoint is an international educator, author, publisher and advocate for social change. He is the Founder and Director of Inclusion Press International, publisher of materials designed to assist people in creating inclusive communities and schools.

Jointly with his wife and partner, Lynda Kahn, Jack conducts workshops and consults with organizations and collaborates with people with disabilities and their families, to engage in positive change that honours the gifts and contributions of all. Earlier, Jack, his late wife Marsha Forest and John O'Brien, collaborated to create several person-centered approaches such as PATH, MAPS and Circles of Friends. The collaboration continues now with John and Lynda.

Jack's forty years of organization experience include seven years in Africa implementing post-war reconstruction; sixteen years as President of Canada's oldest literacy organization, Frontier College; and nearly two decades as a full-time publisher and presenter.

Jack is the founding director of the Marsha Forest Centre: Inclusion, Family and Community and remains its Executive Director. Jack and Lynda Kahn work internationally and have expanded their network beyond Canada and the United States to include people in Australia, England, India, China, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, and Uganda.

Jack also serves as faciltator of the Neighbours Inc. Board, assisting the Board in its ongoing process of growth, change and deepening understanding of what it means to support people with disabilities as citizens.

-Information copied from http://www.neighbours-inc.com/aboutus/board/jackpearpoint.html and http://www.inclusion.com/aspearpoint.html

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