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Wolf Wolfensberger

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DR WOLF WOLFENSBERGER (1934 - 2011) spearheaded the Normalization reform movement, first in the USA and in Canada where he was a visiting scholar with the National Institute on Mental Retardation, and continued to work closely with parent groups. He held a philosophy degree, and a Masters and Ph.D. in psychology. From 1973 - 2011, he was a Professor in the School of Education at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York State, and the Director of the Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agentry there. Much of Dr. Wolfensberger's work has been concerned with services to people with developmental disabilities and their families. He is author of a large number of works including the service evaluation instruments, PASS and PASSING. He is the originator of the Citizen Advocacy concept, and the author of Social Role Valorization theory. Dr. Wolfensberger was increasingly concerned with the decline in functionality of service systems, and the need to emphasise personal relationships between valued and devalued people. He also actively advocated against society's growing willingness to abbreviate the lives of unwanted devalued groups, including the unborn, new-borns with disabilities, the chronically ill, homeless and elderly people. He presented workshops in eleven countries. The only video produced of Dr. Wolfensberger presenting a workshop may be found at [www.wolfwolfensberger.org] and can be viewed but not down loaded at [www.mnddc.org].

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